Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tulsi Puja and Daily Prayers

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha.
Everyday worship should begin with a Tulsi puja. Here is a Tulsi stotra that can be recited everyday while worshipping Tulsi.
Tulasi Stotra.
Namaha tulasi kalyani namo Vishnu priye shube ;
Namo mokshapradhe devi namah sampath pradhayini::
Prasidha thulasi devi prasidha harivallabe:
Ksherodha madhano drathe tulasithvam namamyaham::
Yanmoole sarva thirthani yanmadhye sarvadevathaa
Yadhaagre sarva devascha tulasi thvaam namaamyaham::

With this prayer women and girls should pour water to the tulasi plant and apply haladhi , kumkum,gejavastra,  sandal paste and put flowers.
It is a must to grow a tulasi plant in the house or flat.

Some short stotras that can be recited daily and learnt by heart easily.

For Ganesha:----
Shuklaam baradharam Vishnum
shashivarnam chaturbhujam:
Prasanna vadhanam dhyayeth
sarva vignopa shanthaye:;
In the morning after cleaning the front yard or front of the house and drawing the rangoli this prayer is to be recited. While applying haladhi and kumkum to the thresh hold.
Sarasija nilaye saroja hasthe dhavalatha raankusha gandha malya shobe:
Bhagavathi harivallabe manogne thribuvana bhoothikari prasidhamahayam::

These are some of the important points which members of a family ought to follow. As far as possible everyday . If this is not possible at least on festival and important days, especially by the women.
  • Head bath should be taken after applying oil on the head.
  • While puja is progress do not talk loudly fight or cry.
  • Do not leave foot wear right in front of the enterence of the house.
  • Always draw a rangoli after cleaning the frontage of the house.
  • Women must be clean and neatly dressed always with the hair combed.
  • Never wear torn and faded clothes and avoid black clothes.
  • Sweep and clean the house before lighting the evening lights and the lamps.
  • Before lighting the lamps keep the front door opened and the back door closed.
  • Treat Savashnis and Bramins with respect especially when they come to your house.
  • When you give fruits and coconuts to anybody they should be in good condition never damaged or spoilt.
  • Reciting a stotra or mantra is must while performing puja.
  • Recital of Rama nama 108 time a day is a good habit.
  • A Tulasi plant in the house is a must in every household. All ladies must pray to Tulasi. A tulasi dala offered to to Lord Krishna is like offering all the wealth in the world.
  • Each family have their household diety, which is called KULA DAIVA, to this you should offer prayers and follow the customs and the traditions of the family.
  • It will be a good idea to make a note of all the customs and traditions of the family, and the gothra , with children moving away from home, the traditions and family customs are being forgotten. One way will be to give a copy to the children concerned.


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